Our Artists

Tribal Rites’ reputation as one of the best professional body piercing studios in Colorado, is earned not only by the skill and knowledge of our piercing artists, but by their creative execution for any piercing procedure. Whether it’s a septum piercing, helix piercing, or the unique dermal piercing, you can be assured it will be flawlessly executed.

Chad Williams

Chad grew up on the East Coast and moved out to Colorado in 1994, the year Tribal Rites was founded. A huge Deadhead, Chad had been following the Grateful Dead around the country for a number of years, and the Tattoo and Piercing business was the perfect fit for him, an old industry, steeped in tradition, and a chaotic, non-traditional scene that was reminiscent of Grateful Dead parking lot bazaars. “I found a place where I could be free to express myself and my ideas in a safe space, and a place I finally felt like I fit in.”

After a number of years and moves around Colorado and to San Francisco, Chad settled back in Fort Collins in 2001, taking a job working for John, the owner of Tribal Rites. “I always believed in the piercing industry and visualized the industry as it is today. It was unheard of in 1994 to bring your daughter to a piercing studio for her first ear piercings, but it was my goal to bring our industry out of the dark a little and make it a place for everyone.” 

Chad and his partner Curtis bought Tribal Rites from John in 2013, and since then it has become the largest piercing and jewelry studio in Northern Colorado. Chad is a Master Piercer and is is experienced in all types of piercing. His favorite thing about piercing now is creating beautiful art on peoples ears with all the incredible designs available today. He also just loves connecting with his customers and helping them have an amazing piercing experience.

Hayley Berndt

Hayley Berndt was born and raised in Montrose, Colorado and got a job working in the tattoo and piercing industry as soon as she was old enough. After moving to Fort Collins in 2010, she jumped at the chance to apprentice under master piercer Chad Williams, spurring a lifelong obsession with body adornment. Hayley is a Master Piercer and has been working since alongside her fellow piercers to create an accessible, safe , and inclusive piercing environment that is the core of Tribal Rites. “Piercing is such a beautiful form of expression and I believe I’m here to help our clients celebrate their individuality and unique style through body modification.” She has always been fascinated by the industries’ roots, and is driven to provide clients all the best jewelry and practices. When she’s not at the shop she enjoys spending her days gardening, foraging in the mountains, playing around on all things two wheels, and hanging out with her cats, dogs, and ducks!


Kieyla has been with Tribal Rites since 2012. She moved from Wisconsin in 2007 to be closer to family and felt an immediately at home here. During her time at Tribal Rites she has been focused on helping people express themselves through piercings. Kieyla completed some college, but after some time decided nothing would be as fulfilling as piercing at Tribal Rites. She enjoys the hands-on aspect of the job as well as the connections she has made with her clients.

When Kieyla isn’t piercing at Tribal Rites she enjoys fishing year round with her husband. She likes to ice fish, fly fish, and spin cast. Kieyla also likes to camp and spend time with her cats Nosferatu and Thor. She also can be found turning her backyard into a plant paradise.


Rose grew up in a small mid-western town in Missouri. After visiting a few times and loving the small town feel and easy going vibes of Fort Collins, she moved here in 2012.

Always nurturing a passion for all forms of creativity, Rose studied graphic design at a community college, applying her skills and knowledge of design wherever she could. After pursuing a career in design and packaging in Colorado’s thriving natural food industry, she decided to step away and try something new.

Rose came to find herself at Tribal Rites and fell in love with the community, traditions, and creative environment. After taking an apprenticeship offered by Chad Williams, she had found her calling. She enjoys the hands on environment and building her skills in a practice that has been alive since ancient times. Rose feels she can finally practice her true expression: Being a part of active transformation for individuals relating to the need of spiritual, physical, and emotional transformation.

While she is not at the shop she enjoys spending time with her fur babies, Mazzy Star the cat and Zelma the boston terrier.

She also loves dabbling in art and illustration, needle felting, gaming, roller skating and taking leisurely rides on her motorcycle.


Ashley was born and raised in West Virginia, finishing school in Pennsylvania in 2010, and moving to Colorado shortly thereafter. Happenstance led her to Tribal Rites and she began her apprenticeship under Chad.

Her interest in body modification has only grown over the years – especially when clients view it as a form of self expression, identity, and healing. She is honored to help our clients feel beautiful and adorn their bodies with the best jewelry in the industry.

When she’s not piercing Ashley loves to dance, read, and spend time with her boyfriend and their sweet dog.