Gorilla Glass “Upcycle” Spirals



These 1g glass spirals are so stunning! These are from the Gorilla Glass Upcycle collection. The environment is very important to the folks at Gorilla Glass. They transform waste/discarded material into high-quality products that are all unique! These beauties are sold as a pair, they fit ears size 1g (7mm) or larger and the total diameter of each spiral is approximately 30mm.

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Opaque Plum, Translucent Teal


Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is the premier brand of glass body piercing jewelry since 2002. Based in Oaxaca, Mexico they are an award-winning company, recognized by their peers in the piercing community for their innovative designs and production techniques. They make and sell glass jewelry for piercers. All of their jewelry is hand-crafted by highly skilled glass artisans, in small production batches. They use high quality soda-lime and borosilicate glass for their raw materials.