BVLA Searchlight Hinged Ring



The ‘Searchlight’ from BVLA is a hinged ring featuring front facing prong WCZ’s and side facing baguette WCZ’s set in 14 karat solid white gold. This hinged hoop is in a 16 gauge and 7/16 diameter- ideal for a conch or larger septum piercing.


Body Vision Los Angeles

BVLA is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of fine body jewelry. Since 1996, they have proudly built a business dedicated to exceeding industry standards and defying the status quo. Founded by Nick Martin who saw a clear potential in the market for U.S. made, precious body piercing jewelry, BVLA’s focus has always been on quality and design. With over 3,000 original designs in their collection and growing, they are innovators at heart. BVLA jewelry is unrivaled - continuously evolving to meet the needs and desires of both piercers on a technical level, and their customers by all measures. They’re close friends and collaborators with piercing artists around the world, making jewelry that brings their vision to life while placing the health and wellness of the wearer at the forefront by choosing premium metals and considering the human anatomy with every design.

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