LeRoi Shiny Black Seam Ring



Shiny black seamless hoops available in a variety of gauges/diameters. Made of implant grade niobium and suitable for a wide variety of healed piercings.

Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance with estimating sizes.

Additional information


20g 1/4", 20g 5/16", 20g 3/8", 20g 7/16", 18g 1/4", 18g 5/16", 18g 3/8", 18g 7/16", 16g 5/16", 16g 3/8", 16g 7/16", 16g 1/2"


Le Roi

LeRoi Inc was founded in 1995 by artist, musician and goldsmith Terry Michael LeRoi. They are one of the only body jewelry manufacturers left who have tailored their operations and product line to accommodate the body piercer’s ever changing piercing requirements including special length, diameter and custom jewelry designs.