Maya Monarch



Intricate beaded hoop crafted with 14k gold by Maya Jewelry. Available in a variety of gauges and diameters for your best fit. Suited best for a septum, daith, or lobe piercing.

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Rose Gold, Yellow Gold


16g 5/16", 16g 3/8"


Maya Jewelry

Since 2006, Maya Jewelry has had only one goal: empower every person to celebrate their own unique beauty. They do this by challenging themselves to create soul-stirring jewelry at the highest standards of creativity, quality, and craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from traditional metalwork and textiles, the natural world, dreams, travel, and contemplations of the infinite, they use ancient hand-forging techniques to make bold, modern adornments which champion individuality and self-expression. Maya is not your average posh jewelry brand. They are proud to stand at the leading edge of a total lifestyle that honors radical self-expression, devotion to community, and the full diversity of human potential. Their entire team, manufacturing practices, design choices, and marketing reflect these priorities, and they strive to infuse their vision into every piece of jewelry they make.